A Step Backward is sometimes two Steps Forward…

Sometimes you must take a step backward to enable you to move forward. I know it may not be as easy as it sounds but it is (sometimes) vital that you do it or else you will find yourselves stuck and unable to move forward at all.

Trulli awesome ‘Alberobello’

I know I am a little late with my blog on our Easter break, but hey! as they say, 'better late than never' 😊 As every year, April for us is a time for holiday with friends and this year was no different. This time around it was a trip to “Italy's sun-bleached heel” –  … Continue reading Trulli awesome ‘Alberobello’

‘India’ Through my Lens

Being born in India and having spent 24 years of my life there, it holds a special place in my heart. Having our families back there, we do a customary visit to Delhi each year to spend some quality time with family, tantalise the taste buds and as an attempt to retain our roots. Our … Continue reading ‘India’ Through my Lens

The Irony of Menstruation: Vital but Impure

“Sorry I cannot sit in the prayers, as I have my periods” Does that sound familiar? I am sure it does!! Not surprisingly, many of us have either turned down invites for religious or related ceremonies or have had our relatives, friends and acquaintances do that, just because of the monthly menstrual cycle. I was born … Continue reading The Irony of Menstruation: Vital but Impure

Dancing in my own Sangeet!

With just a couple of hours to go and remembering the last night before the D day.. My Sangeet Ceremony... us Punjabi’s love to have fun and be merry.. so mine was indeed ‘Sangeet with a twist’ A 3-in-1 night of Mehandi, Traditional Sangeet and a Pre-wedding Cocktail Party.. I know this is now a … Continue reading Dancing in my own Sangeet!

The Final Countdown!

12 years ago, today.. it was a house full of cousins and relatives.. there was surely a buzz around.. and I could hear the wedding bells.. loud and clear!! With 2 days to go for the ‘D day’.. the countdown was no more for days... but for the remaining hours and seconds .... for the … Continue reading The Final Countdown!

“I Fly Solo, I Fly Free”

When I looked at this table centrepiece, I couldn’t resist clicking a photo. That beautiful white flower loving the solitude looked so much at peace with itself and the environment it was in. It was quiet but I could see it smile, I could hear it talk to the sky, I could feel the love. … Continue reading “I Fly Solo, I Fly Free”