The Power of ‘Red’

Well, I am sure you must be thinking what this post is about and what I mean by ‘Power of Red’. This blog is dedicated to one of my friends who introduced me to the whole new world of tints and shades of ‘Reds’.

I am or shall I say I was a bit conservative when it came to choosing a lip colour for myself. ‘Browns’ and ‘softer pinks’ have always been and still are my favourite shades, the only variance I would go for is the effect i.e. sparkly, creamy or matt. I admit, going ‘WOW!’, when I saw other girls using brighter shades of reds and pinks, but I always assumed they aren’t for me. Continue reading

Mum-in-law’s trendy gift (My Take on ‘Floor length Anarkalis’)

Now that the Indian festive season is here, I am loving the colours hidden in my ‘Indian’ wardrobe. As I don’t get to wear my traditional Indian dresses too often, I eagerly wait for this time of the year.  October in India is a month of festivities full of dance, sweets and lights and we try and reproduce the same fun here with our friends.

I love the festive season which starts with the 9 day festival of Navratri and ends in Bhaidooj which is celebrated on the 5 day after Diwali. The joy of lights, sweetness of the Mithai (Indian Sweets) and the glitter of sounds of laughter of friends and family along with the beautiful colour combinations that I get to wear during this time makes it even more magnificent. Continue reading

My Love for Henna

It’s that time of the year when married women (and girls) in India apply henna on their hands and feet. It is not just auspicious but also an essential ornament for beautifying married women on the occasion of Karwachauth

I am sure many of my friends and family members all over the world, have already got henna applied on their hands and /or feet for the upcoming Karwachauth on Wednesday and many have this on their ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

I am, myself, very fond of this tradition and love the intricate curls, lattices, curves and floral designs on my hand and can’t wait each year for it. And of course, like many of you, I also anxiously wait for it to dry and to see how dark the colour gets. Not just that, I even use numerous tips and tricks for getting a darker henna.

Continue reading