My Love for Henna

It’s that time of the year when married women (and girls) in India apply henna on their hands and feet. It is not just auspicious but also an essential ornament for beautifying married women on the occasion of Karwachauth

I am sure many of my friends and family members all over the world, have already got henna applied on their hands and /or feet for the upcoming Karwachauth on Wednesday and many have this on their ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

I am, myself, very fond of this tradition and love the intricate curls, lattices, curves and floral designs on my hand and can’t wait each year for it. And of course, like many of you, I also anxiously wait for it to dry and to see how dark the colour gets. Not just that, I even use numerous tips and tricks for getting a darker henna.


Wondering why?

We have all heard about the link between the colour of henna and husband’s love.. “The darker the colour, the stronger the love”.. ? I know what you are thinking.. Seriously?? Haha!! We all know there is no factual link there, but we all love to believe in it .. Just like me, I know many of you do too .. Well for me, it adds a bit of fun and life to the celebration of love.

Enjoy the tradition but try not to indulge in emergency cones or cones with synthetic artificial colour.. Choose your cones carefully to avoid any allergies and stay safe.

Have a great night today or tomorrow preparing for Karwachauth (depending on when you are celebrating it).

Love your life, Love traditions, Enjoy Life and Live Well!

Happy Karwachauth,

Love from me!

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