Thank you! For The Best Compliment so far..

Praises and admiration are flattering. We all love hearing nice compliments about ourselves- don’t we?

Just like any one of you, I have received many compliments as well as taunts (insults). Some of these have been life changing and have left a profound mark on me. Nevertheless, I feel that both praise and criticism are essential learning tools that equip us for life.

Most of us often downplay it when we receive a praise and habitually end up saying ‘Naah’, ‘Seriously?’, ‘Really?’ It is quite strange how we often react to compliments and how we sometimes deny, ignore and question them, even though, deep down in our hearts, we are extremely pleased to have received them.

This blog is dedicated to someone I recently met at a Diwali event. I was attending a ‘Dinner and Dance’ event in Wembley and had a great time with family and close friends. As both, me and my friend, love dancing to the tunes of Bollywood music, we were just being ourselves- crazy and high-spirited.


Not even for a second, I felt as if somebody’s watching me. I was wrong as some one out there was trying to recognise me!!

As soon as I stepped out of the banqueting suite after the event was over, this young lady walks up to me and asks me, “Are you from Alwar?” I was like… “Yes.. But that was about….” and before I could finish, she said… “You were studying in Alwar Public School” and I nodded. She went on and mentioned, “You left the school after Class 7th”. She was one year junior to me in school and I was stunned, more than anything, and couldn’t stop praising her recollection and remembrance.

I still can’t recall much from then, except very close friends whom I am still in touch with and few memories of the school, birthday parties and picnics, which I still cherish. I still don’t remember her from my school days and I have not been in touch with her through social media or any other medium, so I must say that she has an incredible face memory to recognize me after 27 long years.

She certainly is a ‘Super-recognizer’ with an amazing ability to recognize faces and I did say that to her. But hey! This only struck me later, that there was certainly a hidden compliment there for me too 😉 – May be I didn’t change much, not just physically (face-wise), but also in my way of life.

I was a happy and confident girl who loved dancing and after 27 years of experiencing different stages of life, sailing through ups and downs, playing different roles, I am still the same cheerful and content girl that I used to be, enjoying what I love the most and never missing the chance to ‘Dance’.


I wish I can see her again to personally ‘thank her’ as she made me feel really good. She also made me realize how grateful I am to my ‘family’ and ‘friends’ who have always believed in me and love me the way I am.

“THANK YOU” & Hope to Speak to you soon!

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Live Well!

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