Say Hello to Yellow!

Three years ago, when I was shopping for my sister’s wedding ceremonies, Anarkali’s were in vogue and the fashion houses were flooded with Anarkalis. I am very conservative when it comes to colours that I like to clad myself in. Looking through the fine-looking collection, my husband lay his hands on a ‘Yellow’ Anarkali.


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the colour ‘yellow?’ My brain seems to have got stuck on one of the Indian Primary School Insults. Didn’t get it yet? Whenever anyone showed up in a yellow outfit, we could hear someone go, “Yellow, Yellow; Dirty Fellow”. So, my first reaction was, ‘No way! I am not having it’ and he politely asked me to try it on. I know how much I tried to dodge it but finally I gave in amd wore it and came out of the trial room. As soon as I came out, I could see it in their eyes (his and my mom’s) that I can no longer run away from it and this was one of the dresses I was going to wear for my sister’s wedding celebrations. Funny enough, they had even decided on the event I was going to wear it for.

‘Yellow’ is a warm hue which is associated with energy, cheerfulness and happiness. In the Hindu culture, yellow, the colour of Turmeric, signifies knowledge, harmony, peace and meditation. I have grown up seeing idols and pictures of Krishnaji and Ganeshji in yellow. Even Lord Vishnu used to wear a yellow gear, which was a symbol of his intellect and knowledge.

Getting back to where I left, there I was.. Wearing, this yellow (and green) flowing Anarkali on my sister’s ‘Mehandi’ Night. ‘Green’ being the colour of ‘Henna’; yellow and green was indeed a lovely and apt colour combination for the night.

Recently, I wore the same Anarkali again on Diwali and I was as unsure about it, as I was when I bought it 3 years ago. I needed reassurance (from my husband of course!) that it was okay for the occasion and that it was not too flamboyant and flashy. With his exceptional communication skills, he (again) convinced me. But do I regret it?


Not at all! I fished a few compliments on the night on the colour of my outfit and how well it suited me. ‘Yellow’ is a striking and undoubtedly a very tricky colour when it comes to outfits but combining it with carefully selected hues, can give it a beautiful muted effect.

I am sure those who are familiar with different colour schemes and colour combinations also know about the analogous colour combination, where 2 or 3 colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel are combined together. ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’ is one such combination. The yellow in my Anarkali combined with the green embroidery and border generated a calm and softer effect. The embellished collar and sippi work in silver on the front makes the outfit appropriate for any celebration.

If you choose a yellow dress or outfit, make sure that you have another colour, either in the form of accessories (such as a scarf or a belt) or in this case, the embroidery and border in green to break the monotony of the colour. Yellow goes very well with other colours (such as pinks, reds, greens and blues), but try not to combine too many colours at once.

Don’t be afraid of trying new colours and Why not Say ‘Hello’ to ‘Yellow’?

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Live Well!

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