Colour me ‘In’: Red is Trending!

It being the holiday season, most of you (just like me) would have been out and about looking for the ‘right’ outfit for your holidays or otherwise.

With an ‘Asian’ complexion, I am a little particular about the colors I wear. I prefer colors that accentuate my natural ‘tan’ such as white, coral, lavender (mauve as we all call it) and of course reds and pinks.

Red, the colour of love and passion is one of my favourites. A vibrant hue associated with Indian weddings, makes the Indian bride look both beautiful and attractive. It is one colour which can give you ‘the’ look that you desire- be it traditional, modern or sexy.

I think ‘Red’ or ‘Flame Red- Orange’, is an excellent colour choice especially for women like me who have a warm skin tone. It brightens it up and makes it glow.  It’s an evergreen colour which looks amazing irrespective of weather, occasion and time of the day.

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