3 Counties in 3 Days

I love traveling, exploring new places, trying out new foods and spending some quality time with family away from home and especially away from our daily routine. I have a long list of places I would love to see and hopefully I will be able to cover them in this life of mine.

My husband, who loves relaxing and spending time at home, needs a little convincing every time I want to plan a holiday. Having said that, he is an adventurous traveller- he loves edgy destinations, scenic great drives (scary at times!), trying out new cuisines. I must confess he is a more adventurous travel eater than me. He has driven me around most of England- you name it and we have seen it (I did say… ‘Most of it’… haha!). And so far our favourite English counties are Cornwall and Devon.

Even on our last family holiday, which was originally planned for three days in Somerset, we ended up doing a stretch of almost 800 miles, covering Devon and Cornwall.

This was not our first time to Cornwall and Devon, we have been there at least 5 times and if we plan another holiday in UK, you will see us head back to Cornwall or Devon again. They form the best holiday destination encompassing picturesque villages and small cozy towns, light blue waters, magnificent beaches, coves and cliffs.

For those who love driving and road trips, read more to see how we spent our 3 days.


Somerset is famous for its carnivals and festivals – the most famous being ‘The Glastonbury Festival’, its caves and gorge. It has something for everyone- even for those who love shopping- the well-known ‘Clarks Village’ for those looking for brand bargains.

While we were there, we drove through some of its villages and towns. Weston-super-Mare, Burnham-on-sea, Glastonbury, Wells and Cheddar were some of them.

Cheddar is known throughout the world as the origin of Cheddar Cheese. We visited the dairy to see how Cheddar Cheese is made the traditional way and was amazed to see the different varieties of cheese which we could even try in the shop. As we walked through the streets, there were little craft shops selling toys, handmade gifts, candies and sweets, cider and cheese.

We drove from the village through Cheddar Gorge (along B3135 for those who want to know the Road) looking at the impressive cliffs and rock formations as we drove past it. We enjoyed a smoky Barbeque meal in Bristol before driving back to our lodge in Cheddar Woods.


St. Ives is one of Cornwall’s most popular destinations and our favourite too. Our love for Cornwall set us on a 170 mile journey (each way) for a day trip to St. Ives. I am in love with its beaches, the lush green vegetation and its undisputable and unmatched natural beauty. We walked through the little streets of St. Ives and of course, while in Cornwall how can you miss the ‘catch of the day’. With a number of local ‘Fish & Chips’ restaurants and pubs, we settled for ‘The Lifeboat Inn’, which was an excellent choice for both- great food and excellent views over the harbour.

FullSizeRender (017)


With my husband on the driving wheel, I knew I was in for a scenic treat on Day 2. We took one of the most scenic driving routes (one of our favourites too) along B3301 and covered the Godrevy Point, Gwithian, Hayle Towans overlooking the Hayle Estuary. We then drove down (rather up) to our favourite spot – North Cliffs for a customary photo- I thoroughly enjoy its beautiful setting every time we go there.


That was our last day of holiday and we were planning to check out next day and drive back home.  But we just couldn’t go back!! Why? Because there was one thing which was a ‘must-do’ for me and I missed it on Day 2. You must be wondering what more could we have packed in Day 2 J

Well! My favourite! ‘Cream Tea’! …. Going back to Cornwall was not a possibility so, what could have I done?


Well, I must admit, I couldn’t wait for the taste of those buttery scones melting in my mouth with every sip of tea, when my husband mentioned (who certainly knows my love for Cream Tea) the possibility of driving to Devon before we head back home.

Without getting into details of the origin of ‘Cream tea’ and the difference of how it should preferably be eaten in different regions, I can just say I love it and I only indulge in it when I visit Cornwall or Devon to preserve the memories and association with the place.


Day 3 and we were off to Devon, our second most favourite holiday destination in UK.

The beautiful town of Dartmouth, about 100 miles from Cheddar Woods, was my first choice. It’s strategically positioned on the banks of River Dart overlooking one of the finest natural harbours in the UK. Its scenic location and pretty, little streets made me fall in love with the place when I last visited. And with a number of traditional tea rooms, it’s surely a place to visit for all ‘Tea lovers’ like me.



That was our short yet wonderful ‘3 counties in 3 days’ trip which facilitated us in creating some more special memories as a family to be cherished for life.

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