Dancing in my own Sangeet!

With just a couple of hours to go and remembering the last night before the D day.. My Sangeet Ceremony… us Punjabi’s love to have fun and be merry.. so mine was indeed ‘Sangeet with a twist’ A 3-in-1 night of Mehandi, Traditional Sangeet and a Pre-wedding Cocktail Party.. I know this is now a norm but then I am talking about 12 years ago..

My dad planned this fun night which I can never forget…. I don’t think I have ever danced that much ever in my life .. or the way I did that very night… It was a night of some serious fun.. ..

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The Final Countdown!

12 years ago, today.. it was a house full of cousins and relatives.. there was surely a buzz around.. and I could hear the wedding bells.. loud and clear!!

With 2 days to go for the ‘D day’.. the countdown was no more for days… but for the remaining hours and seconds …. for the day which would change my identity (atleast the perception of it) in a blink of an eye… from being a daughter to a Dad.. to being a wife to a man … a switch that took minutes or probably a couple of hours to complete .. a journey I was waiting to start…. Continue reading