Dancing in my own Sangeet!

With just a couple of hours to go and remembering the last night before the D day.. My Sangeet Ceremony… us Punjabi’s love to have fun and be merry.. so mine was indeed ‘Sangeet with a twist’ A 3-in-1 night of Mehandi, Traditional Sangeet and a Pre-wedding Cocktail Party.. I know this is now a norm but then I am talking about 12 years ago..

My dad planned this fun night which I can never forget…. I don’t think I have ever danced that much ever in my life .. or the way I did that very night… It was a night of some serious fun.. ..

One one hand was the sound of dholaks and spoons and all my aunts singing traditional wedding songs… yes you guessed it right.. they went from “lathe di Chaadar” to “Kaala Doriya” …. teasing me about various aspects of married life.. and on the other, we had the top Bollywood numbers of our times- from “Kajra Re” to “Dhadak Dhadak” and “Halla Re” to “just chill chill”..

Indian weddings are not just a serious affair but also full of fun filled rituals and frothy moments and this night was surely one of them. It heightened the excitement of the wedding festivities and I can only hope that it was also a breather and served as a respite for my parents from all the tensions and seriousness of the marriage preparations – I am sure my parents won’t say that if they reflect on those days…

rads mar

We both had our individual Sangeet ceremonies….. and I remember letting my hair down and literally dancing away to glory that night.. can’t even remember how many hours of non- stop fun it was ..

I can still recall the ‘little blue skirt’ I was wearing that night- the night of transitioning from a ‘girl’ to a ‘woman’ .. the last night of being called a ‘Single’…. the night that will never come back in my life nor would the same feeling.. it was a kind of a feeling that one faces just once in life…with a mix of emotions – a beautiful feeling of newness on one hand and anxiety on the other.. of how everything about my life would change .. it was ‘THE NIGHT’ before I actually said “I do!”…

12 years hence, it seems like a distant memory but those precious moments are still crystal clear and are very close to my heart. I hope these happy memories will bring a smile on our faces forever..

Happy Anniversary Vineet😍

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