The Final Countdown!

12 years ago, today.. it was a house full of cousins and relatives.. there was surely a buzz around.. and I could hear the wedding bells.. loud and clear!!

With 2 days to go for the ‘D day’.. the countdown was no more for days… but for the remaining hours and seconds …. for the day which would change my identity (atleast the perception of it) in a blink of an eye… from being a daughter to a Dad.. to being a wife to a man … a switch that took minutes or probably a couple of hours to complete .. a journey I was waiting to start….

A journey every girl dreams (most of them anyway) of taking up some day.. a journey that every parent would like to send their daughters on with the best of their wishes and blessings.. it’s a journey that most people think is worth taking..


Not a holiday, not a weekend trip.. & certainly not a destination in itself…. BUT a lifelong journey…. a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows, love and fights, agreements and arguments, weaknesses and strengths, loneliness and togetherness, right and wrong turns, slides and climbs.. a journey through Mountains and plateaus, through thick and thin, through sunshine and rain… an adventurous journey taken together by two people who are committed to find their way together… no matter how many lows they face, how many wrong turns they take, how many times they feel lonely.. no matter how many times they argue, how many times they lose the strength, or how many times they disagree… it’s a long & beautiful drive that thrives on love, trust and commitment.. it’s a journey where you fall and rise in love over and over again.. a journey of realisation that being the right person is equally important as finding the right person to be with..

So glad I took this journey with you Vineet Katarya.. ❤️ … and thank you Mum and Dad for sharing the nuggets of wisdom as I embarked on this journey 12 years ago ❤️❤️ (Touch Wood!!)

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