A Step Backward is sometimes two Steps Forward…

Sometimes you must take a step backward to enable you to move forward. I know it may not be as easy as it sounds but it is (sometimes) vital that you do it or else you will find yourselves stuck and unable to move forward at all.

I hear you (loud and clear), It is not easy but trust me- it’s so worth it! It’s important to free yourself from the baggage and get high on life. Life is not certain, nor are situations and circumstances.

Having had a good share of such experiences in my life and that too so young and living the values that my parents taught me- I can only say- don’t be afraid if you are right, don’t fear what world will think or say and believe in yourself if you are on the right side. If you have the courage to take that 1 step backward, you will probably see yourselves taking two forward.

IMG_4985 (002)
Clicked @Grotte di Castellana

If you do decide to take a step backward, do it with sincerity, grace and pride, leaving every single doubt aside. And don’t forget those who stood calmly watching you take that step, silently encouraged you to move forward, those who genuinely motivated you to stay strong and supported you through the change.

At times, situations can knock us down, but for me, this is an opportunity to build up my strength to get things right back up – why fear even if you don’t know what the future holds, why not have faith in your values, beliefs and morals and why not trust your own ability to make things right, to achieve what you wish for and to keep moving forward. If you are on the right path, just hold your head high and be the better person.

Each step you take is Progress… Progress towards your goals, Progress towards success and Progress towards pursuing your dreams. So, keep moving forward and if that means you do have to take that one step backwards, do it and do it in style because what matters is how well you walk through the fire to get to the finishing line!

Life is all about how you stand confident when you are faced with challenges, changes and uncertainties. It is all about being true to yourself and having the courage to be ‘the real you’ no matter what life throws back at you. So, stay confident, love yourself and be happy.

Keep smiling always and you will always find yourself smile through anything in life.

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