What is my ‘Purpose’ in Life?

I am sure as a person you do reflect on what you are doing, where you are and where you want to go. I certainly do! Well if I am honest- only sometimes.


As they say- “Opposites attract” and that’s so true when it comes to me and my husband- as we are complete opposites in our traits, habits and interests but then no two people are alike and we all know that opposite sides of a magnet do attract- Right?

Anyway, a little while ago- while I was sipping this amazing cup of tea- my husband asked me- “What is the purpose of your Life?” Not sure how you all react when a thought-provoking question that needs deep reflection is bowled over to you- I certainly get bowled over! Hahaha!

Not completely sure how to answer the question, I was ‘beating my brain out’ to give a perfect response. At first, I was so bewildered that I could not answer, what I thought was, a simple question. Then I started to talk while my mind jumped between random topics- from my family to my kids and from my profession to my interests. My husband gave me a confused look, which is when I realised- it was a question that needed some time to reflect on and that is exactly what I was not doing.

I later, gave some thought to it and taking a step back- I started thinking about why do I need to have a purpose?, Do I have one and if I do- what is it? I started gathering all my thoughts and my brain (once again) started jumping from one thought to the other, so I put all those priorities down on a piece of paper. This made it even clearer, that defining the purpose of my life was not going to be as easy as I initially thought. So, I tried to get some clarity around what is important vs unimportant and I was down to a couple of things, some of which are mentioned below:

  • My Kids and the quality of moments that we share together
  • My Husband- our relationship and the journey of growing together
  • My parents, my siblings- mutual understanding and love for each other
  • My Work- getting up in the morning and wake up each day for the pleasure I get in my job
  • My Ambition and what I want to do (now or at some point of time in my life- “entrepreneurship is in my blood”, as I say it)
  • My interests- Not too fancy- dancing, cooking (sometimes when I am in mood), exploring new places, Travelling and Shopping (of course as for any woman)
  • My Friends- I have very few but healthy friendships- that I would like to treasure for life

But this still did not capture the actual purpose of my Life nor did I think I could answer if I was ever asked that question again. What do I do, re-prioritise my list? How do I get to one thing- that would define the purpose of my life?

I didn’t want to settle for one purpose. So, after a lot of contemplation, I could see a list of common themes:

  • To be Happy
  • To Explore &
  • To Experience

These themes, then helped me sum it up! I found the Purpose of my Life: “To embrace life as it comes & be happy exploring, experiencing and living life to the fullest”.

Have a lovely day and a ‘Happy Life’


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