Travel Light or Not?

It’s the holiday season and it’s finally time for me to hit the road and catch some sun. Before every trip- like any other woman – I do face the packing challenge to fit everything I need in one small cabin bag. It’s a daunting task for me- I love dressing up and love to carry all my complementing accessories be it jewellery, bags or shoes. Well, some things are inherited.

There’s one thing I like about summer holidays- at least, I don’t have to worry about the weather with the sunshine guaranteed! But with that comes other issues- the need to carry those colourful flip flops/sandals to match with all my outfits, the sun hat and the beachwear. And how about the (not really required) shopping we all do before we get on that flight. I often go overboard and end up with more outfits than the actual number of days we are on holiday. This happens with me every time and I am sure it’s the same for most of you out there too.

Any way, let’s say, I have everything I (may) need, the next big task in front of me is to then pack it all up in that one tiny cabin bag without encroaching on the space in my husband & sons’ handbags. So, I tried researching some ways to pack more efficiently. With loads of youtube videos out there, I am sure you will find something that suits you, but for me, the ‘rolling technique is an outright winner’ and comes to my rescue each time.

I don’t think I travel ‘Light’, but certainly I do travel ‘Smart’- having everything I (may) need with effective management of space.

Here are a few tips on how I pick ‘n pack:

  • I always follow my dad’s advice– I have an interesting story to tell but that deserves a separate blog. The top tip is to always go bottom up when you pack and you will not forget anything. So let’s talk about Shoes first- I will travel in a pair that will  help me save up on some of the space in the bag such as my trainers. It comes in handy especially when these are the trend of the season. I will instead try and sneak in 2 pairs of flip-flops/sandals just to add the colour to the outfit.
  • Pants/Jeans/Shorts/Trousers- If I am to carry a pair of Jeans- I would rather wear it as its a bulky piece to pack. I would avoid jeans for this holiday season- not just because it’s going to be pretty hot, also because my body shape is better suited for dresses. I love to ditch my denim if I can afford to. But if I have to carry it, I travel in them and just roll up 2-3 light tops and pack them in.
  • It’s now turn for my favourite- the ‘Dresses‘- I can never carry enough of them, so, I always choose light dresses that can be easily rolled up – which makes the allowance for carrying an extra few (yes! I carry at least up to 3 extra dresses than I actually need)- for those special times when I feel bloated (on wine) or when I can’t decide what to wear.Don’t forget- A ‘party/formal/evening dress’ is always nice to have for that special dinner- you never know!
  • One good sleepwear and other essentials can be easily rolled up and packed in. This always calls for an additional trip to #Primark as they do lovely sleep wear- I love them.
  • I love my makeup but I tend to go light – so a small kit with all my #Mac essentials tucked away in one corner. Don’t forget the toothbrush and a small paste.
  • Jewellery- I will try and make sets for each outfit and slide them in. So, when I unfold a rolled up outfit, the matching accessories are just in there. Who says you cannot carry them all with you- of course you can.

  • Purse/Bag(s)– We, women, cannot do with one bag- can we? I can certainly speak for myself. Again, one big tote/backpack to travel and one small cross body (neutral colour) packed in. That should do the job. Will be giving backpack a try as they are trending this season.
  • Don’t forget the essentials– chargers, convertors, currency and your passport and of course the Sun hat (in your hand)!
  • I almost forgot the swimwear– don’t leave that sexy bikini or swimsuit behind for you don’t want to miss the water fun with your kids.
  • I would always, leave little space for the souvenirs- I love collecting magnets so I make sure I have some space for them to carry back home.

I apply these tips to pack the bags for me and my kids and we get it all in using 2 bags- so we have one full bag (of our allowance) for that little indulgence that never hurts a woman- shopping of course!

With that, I am all packed and ready to fly. I hope I have not missed something- fingers crossed 🙂

For those who have come back from holiday- hope it was great and for those yet to go on one – have fun and make the most of it.




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