Good Bye 2018 and Looking Forward

As we bid farewell to another momentous year and welcome a fresh beginning and start all over again- this blog is an attempt to reflect on the past year.

This year has made me laugh, cry, feel loved and cared for. It also taught me how to conquer my fears and relieve my anger. It was a beautiful journey, a journey of ups and downs, a journey of crafting and building some beautiful memories that I will treasure all my life. Being a true Bollywood fan, I can say it was no less that a ‘Masaaledaar Bollywood Movie’, the one which has no less than 10 turns and twists and you keep hoping this is the last one, but the script writer bowls you over with yet another one.

Pic Credit: BloggingwithRads (Taken in Marbella)

‘Learning’ and ‘Growing’ always comes together- the learning through these twists and turns of life, taught me my strengths, taught me how to recognise the right opportunities, made me realise what and who matters most to me, what I enjoy the most and all in all- what is the higher purpose of my life.

As I look back on various facets of my life in the last one year- I made some great progress in some of those and in some I feel I could have done better. I grew professionally and even earned the title of Doctor (Dr.) in my name. The focus on my career and profession kept me out of the kitchen- I guess I could have done little better there. Jokes apart, I must admit –having a supportive husband who is ambitious for you, who can cook for you, look after you while you climb a few hills- is a great strength that helps you stick through those thorns on your way up. Same with my blog, which took a back seat and I am hoping I will get back to it next year along with some of my other personal goals already on my 2019 list- at least I tried to be organised this time round (with my 2019 list of course).

As we get ready for the Celebrations to Welcome the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to marvel at the blessings of life and to personally thank my lovely family and special friends for their love and affection in, yet another year of this journey called ‘Life’.

In Nelson Mandela’s words- “After climbing a Great Hill, one only finds that there are many more ‘Hills’ to climb.  With these powerful and inspiring words, I would like to close the ‘old chapter’ and open a ‘whole new chapter’ waiting to be written. I look forward to my New Expectations, New Opportunities, New Challenges, a New Role and a New Start!

May the New Year brings joy, peace and happiness to you and your families.

Happy New Year!




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